HD video of snowdrops.

Celebrated as a sign of spring, snowdrops can form impressive carpets of white flowers.

Snowdrop flower time laps.

Sir David Attenborough's opinion

Jardin & Loisirs op RTBF

De sneeuwklokjestuin van Cathy & Jan werd uitgebreid voorgesteld in Jardin & Loisirs op RTBF op zondag 6 februari 2011 kort na de middag. Je kan de uitzending herbekijken op RTBF (vanaf minuut 19 tot 26)


Galanthus nivalis

Galanthus elwesii


Snowdrops by Margaret Owen

Life long gardener Margaret Owen has raised thousands of pounds for the multiple sclerosis society from open days at her garden. We've had a sneak preview of her collection of over 400 kinds of snowdrop, as she prepares for this years event.

Mark's Garden Plants - Galanthus (snowdrops)

Here we see my garden filmed during February for the BBC Northern Ireland programme 'Secret Gardens'. Nine hours filming edited to just over 5 minutes for TV. Unfortunately the audio has been lost during the transfer to Youtube. When I find out what went wrong I'll upload it again.


Yeo Valley - Plant of the Week: Snowdrops

It is Snowdrop season in the UK and Helen visited Yeo Valley to see their wonderful snowdrop collection. Snowdrops, Galanthus nivalis, are thought to have been brought to the British Isles around the 16th Century when they became naturalized. Since then, the small white flowers have captured the love of people across the British Isles and further, with their delicate flowers and promise of spring.

Springtime in Scotland. Snowdrops & grass growing!

Snowdrop (Galanthus) and Crocus at Arnold Arboretum, Boston

George Lasch visits the garden of Barbara Flynn, a Galanthus enthusiast

The Snowdrops Spectacular 2014 - Burton Agnes Hall

Snowdrops for Carly

Snowdrops in The Hidden Citygarden | Harry Pierik

Copton Ash - Where to grow snowdrops & snowdrop planting tips

Where to plant snowdrops, beautiful partner plants for snowdrops and tips for growing snowdrops. I'm visiting local plant growers Copton Ash to see their amazing collection of snowdrops in full

Milntown - How to plant natural drifts of Snowdrops

Head Gardener of Milntown, Juan Quane, gives us tips on growing carpets of white Snowdrops in our own gardens. Every two years a clump can double in size so it's very possible to have a solid drift of these delicate flowers in your garden in no time!

planten en verzorging

How to Plant Snowdrops - Shepton Mallet, Home of Snowdrops

Snowdrop Magic Circle, BBC Gardeners' World

The inimitable Ivan Hicks, Britain's foremost surrealist gardener, shows you how to create your very own fairy Snowdrop circle. Featured on BBC's Gardeners' World, this film was produced and directed by Kerry Richardson.



Garden Diaries 3...Snowdrops, snowflakes, & aconites. Easy division

Snowdrop time - scheuren

How To Divide Snowdrops

In this video I divide some snowdrops with the help of Lise and Margot. Snowdrops should be divided in the green.

Propagation of snowdrops by the method of twin-scaling